PGPLLC | Denise Barefoot
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Denise Barefoot

The Pinnacle Golf Properties Team

Denise Barefoot
HR/Payroll Manager


Denise has over 12 year’s experience with multiple facility organizations and oversees the Payroll and HR Functions for the company. She works with each facility to maintain the high standards established for all employee related activities. Her multi facility experience serves our clients well. Most recently, Denise was employed with Delta Career Education Corporation where she supervised and processed payroll along with additional services for more than 35 colleges across the country. The total payroll for the organizations she supported was in excess of 3,500. Denise was also responsible for multiple modernization programs to establish a more efficient company and to elevate the employee satisfaction levels when consulting with payroll or HR representatives. Originally growing up in New England, Denise spent 8 years supporting a military family lifestyle, before finally settling in Charlotte with her husband, Chris, and two children, Alyssa and Chase.